i love taking screenshots and making graphics for shows and films i watch. this is the blog where i post them.

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Kayden’s first time experiencing rain (x)

This is awesome!
My faces the first time I tried French toast! Haha

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But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

1,2,3,4, I won’t take no anymore. 5,6,7,8 - I want you to be my mate. 1,2,3,4 - you’re the one that I adore. 5,6,7,8 - don’t run from me cause this is fate.


The Feminist Art Project

A Window Between Worlds is dedicated to using art to help end domestic violence.

ARC Gallery  a non-profit,woman artist run cooperative gallery in Chicago.

ArtFem.TV is an online television programming presenting Art and Feminism.

ArtTable a national membership organization for women leaders in the visual arts.

Art Institutions and the Feminist Dialectic aims to explore the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the exhibition, acquisition and preservation of feminist artwork by Ontario’s public art galleries.

Art Talk - WPS1 radio interviews Women’s Voices: Visual Arts Near and Far, Pt.1

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice  works for social, racial and economic justice in the U.S. and internationally through grantmaking and philanthropic advocacy programs.

BROODWORK is the ongoing art and design project founded by Iris Anna Regn and Rebecca Niederlander to investigate the interweaving of creative practice and family life. 

City of Women  (Mesto Zensk) Society for the Promotion of Women in Culture in Slovenia.

Canadian Women Artists History Initiative brings resources and researchers together to enhance scholarship on historical women artists in Canada.

Ceres is a not-for-profit, women artists run organization dedicated to the promotion of contemporary women in the arts.

Color Resources  everything you wanted to know about color.

Craftswoman House is a new venue dedicated to fostering a dialogue on feminist issues through projects and exhibitions and is inspired by collective projects such as Womanhouse, paying homage to the rich legacy of feminist art in Southern California. 

CultureID is a portal for cultural work that explores progressive political and social issues, broadly disseminate information on socially important projects within the artistic/creative community, 

Films for the Feminist Classroom an online journal publishes film reviews that provide a critical assessment of the value of films as pedagogical tools in the feminist classroom.

Function:Feminism great cyberfeminism website

GAIA  remains as a collective of women, for women, for the making of textiles, clothing, printmaking, painting, architecture, music, film, photography, science, the performing arts, writing, environmental, social and political activism: all things which color the lives of the women involved

GIRLdrive roadtripping america, mapping out feminism
Two women interviewing and photographing young women across the country, finding out what is important to them and what they think and feel about feminism.

Girls Gotta Run Foundation (GGRF) was founded in 2006 to raise money to provide support for impoverished Ethiopian girls who are training to be professional runners. which empowers them to stay in school, avoid early marriage and childbirth, and gain economic self-sufficiency.

Guenda a collective of women artists with a connection to Oaxaca, Mexico

Guerrilla Girls on Tour New York City based touring theatre company

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, NY hosts a searchable on-line  archive 
containing source materials and timeline.

The Heretics site for film about the Heresies Collective and archive of every Heresies magazine.

idsva - Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts.

Inserts is a Danish website on women artist and art history.

The Institute for Women & Art at Rutgers brings together Rutgers University faculty, curators, researchers and artists to promote the study of women and art. The IWA supports and sponsors scholarship, research, exhibitions and programming on topics pertaining to women in art, including attention to past inequities, and promotes the transformation of policies, institutions, attitudes and social structures.

Imagining Ourselves a project by the International Museum of Women

La Centrale/Galerie Powerhouse is one of the oldest women aritsts’ galleries in Montreal.

Lilith Magazine Jewish Feminist Magazine 

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art exhibits, preserves, and fosters the creation of LGBTQ art and artists, past and present.

MAV - Mujeres en las Arte Visuales (Women in the Visual Arts) a group of art professionals in Spain providing networking, resources and actions on their website.

National Women’s History Project , founded in 1980, is an educational nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize and celebrate the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing information and educational materials and programs.

nanomajority  is interested in the various ways in which artists, writers, and critics intersect (or don’t). nanomajority invites “residents” to work on a project on the site for an extended period of time. 

NAWA The National Association of Women Artists, founded in 1889 is the oldest professional women’s fine art organization in the U.S.

N.O.W National Organization for Women.

n.paradoxa international feminist art journal exploring feminist theory and contemporary women’s art practices.

NYFAI New York Feminist Art Institute is dedicated to creating an environment for the training of women in the arts. 

RAW/WAR is an interactive, community-curated media archive that provides a forum in which users can upload, share their art and stories to collaboratively contribute to the history of women’s art. 

The Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women
 exposes the world to Balinese women artists,encourage Balinese girls creativity, assist talented women to market their art

Studio XX
 is a bilingual feminist digital art centre for technological exploration, creation and critique located in Montreal.

The Varo Registry is an electronic registry of artwork by contemporary international women artists.

WAAND The Women Artists Archives National Directory, an innovative web directory to U.S. archival collections of primary source materials by and about women visual artists active in the U.S. since 1945.

!W.A.R.: Voices of a Movement 
archived interviews of pioneers of the Feminist Art Movement created by artist and filmmaker Lynee Hershman Leesonover the last two decades (1990-2008) as she developed her groundbreaking documentary !Women Art Revolution.

WARM Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota builds networks and programming that create mentoring, educational, exhibition and professional development opportunities that reflect the diverse voices, visions and values of Minnesota women visual artists.

WEADWomen Environmental Artists Directory is open to all women arts professionals working with ecological issues.

Women Make Movies Established in 1972 to address the under representation and misrepresentation of women in the media industry, Women Make Movies is a non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women. The organization provides services to both users and makers of film and video programs, with a special emphasis on supporting work by women of color.

Women Printmakers of Austin is an organization dedicated to encouraging artists to actively pursue artistic expression through printmaking and to promote community through annual exhibits, regular meetings, and outreach projects. 

Women’s Caucus for Art
 recognizies the contributions of women in the arts and provides women with leadership opportunities and professional development.

Women’s Media Center mission to assure that women and women’s experiences are reflected in the media

Women’s Studio Workshop operates and maintainsartists’ workspaces  for women artists. Residencies and workshops.

The Yes! Association is an association that aims to create favourable conditions for artworkers whose practices and activities contribute to the overthrowing of male supremacy, ethnical supremacy and of hierarchies connected to physical and mental ability, sexuality and class.  

Young Feminists Wire 
is an online information and networking space for young women across the globe.

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